Sherry-Lynne Lee

Ontario Canada
Independent Field Tester & School Bus Driver
I have fished since I was 4 years old when my Grand Father would take me out on Georgian Bay Ontario, I fished tournaments and in 2005 retired from tournament angling to strictly devote my time to filed testing.
My greatest fishing accomplishment to date is being awarded the Rookie of the Year for the JackFish Competition in 2003 and in 2006 a lure was named after me called the Sherry-Bomb.
My favorite BearPaw Hand Poured Bait is the Bully Frog, I love throwing this bait up into the grasses in the spring for the Northern Pike.
Field Tests for: 
  • BearPaw Hand Poured Baits
  • Milt's Brand Tackle
  • JackFish Lures
  • Canadian Wiggler Lures
  • KicknBass Scents/Attractants
  • ClearWater Custom Tackle