Spiked Football Jig


The Bearpaws SPIKED FOOTBALL JIG Is a very popular type of jig that is fished all over the world.

We have made these jigs Unique with the Sickle type hook that is curved  so the hook has a less chance to slip out around the corner of the  fishes Jaw. These Matzuo Black nickel finished Sickle hooks are one of the sharpest hooks on the market.  The shaft of the Lead head Football style head makes that hook that much stronger.

 These Jigs heads come in all types of colors  and are painted with  Powder paint and heated to make a rock hard Bond paint finish. The SPIKED FOOTBALL  JIG is one tough Gamer. Try something different. Try Something tough. BEARPAWS SPIKED FOOTBALL JIGS are made for your Game. 

1/4 oz, 3/8oz  $3.50/ 5 count painted
1/2 oz, 3/4oz  $3.50 4 count painted
1/4 oz, 3/8oz   BULK OF 50 $25.00 Painted (0ne color) savings10.00
1/2 oz              BULK OF 50 $29.00 Painted (one color) (one size) savings of 13.50
3/4oz               BULK OF 50 $33.00 Painted (one color) (one size) savings of 10.50