The Newest bait to hit The Market from Bearpaws Bait is the "Beast In The East" In the western part of the states this type of bait is rocking all of the Major Bass fishing tournaments and winning $$$$.
This bait is making it's way to the eastern part of the states and doing just as well. This is a bait that has size, action, texture and Style. The major differences The Beast In The East is that this bait comes in over 125 different colors and It is Loaded with The Megastrike Formula to enhance the scent and attractant of a bait that is successful in presentation alone. With The Megastrike scent and any color you desire, your hookups will be multiplied even on the harshest days.
This bait can be fished in any number of ways, such as T rigged, Carolina Rigged and better known for a trailer on your favorite Jig The Beast in the East comes in 2 sizes 3 1/4inches and for the strong Hearted individuals 5 inches.
This is beyond any creature bait. Good Luck my friends. Bring a Camera with this one!!!!


 The Beast In The East 3 ”         -    $5.00  (10 count bag)

 The Beast In The East 4 ”        -     $5.00  (8 count bag)

 The Beast In The East 5”            -     $5.00  (6 count bag)