The 4 inch flail tail Gobie Is one of the hottest baits to hit the Great lakes for the Bronzebacks that we all know and Love. The Smallmouth love these baits, especially drop shotted. Although the bait is large enough to flip in the pads, under docks and where ever you love to fish. The first time I used this bait. I've nailed em in a tough biting lake and took the tournament. This is one mean bait, especially with the moving flail tail.

Make no mistake about it! The Largemouths are accustomed to this bait as well. A bass is a bass. Don't be surprised if you get bit and a toothy critter is on the other end as well. The fish gorge themselves on gobies. Try it you'll love it. This Flat tail Gobies comes in all of Bearpaws Colors.


Flail tail Gobie
$4.85/pack of 10