The Grizzly Jerk Series has been a great bait over the years. The big name companies have made this bait and Anglers have had great success with this bait. This Fluke is different. Bearpaws adds more salt to this bait so it can sink faster when used weightless as a soft Jerk bait. The action  with this bait is unbelievable due to the softer plastic and the tail just whips from side to side to drive the fish crazy. Plus there is no company that offers the Fluke in any Custom color you desire, the 140+ colors Bearpaw baits offers and with Megastrike formula added.
 This Grizzly Jerk is a confidence bait due to it's many ways to fish.

 The Mega Jerk  is a bait you will not find very often The MEGA Jerk is 6.5".  Bearpaw baits heard many cries of looking for a  Huge Fluke type bait that is larger than the traditional Fluke Bait.

4" Grizzly Jerk Jr  10 count@4.95/pack 

5.5" Grizzly Jerk 4.95/ Pack

Mega Jerk 6 " $4.95/6 count