The Grub is a very powerful bait in the world of bass fishing, or any type of fishing for that matter. The grubs outstanding natural action makes it one of the best baits in the water. Fish are attracted to grubs under all fishing conditions making it a sure bait throughout all seasons. The 3" Bear Claw Grub is exceptional within it's own right. This grub has a soft texture for a lifelike feel and action along with a special blend of seasonings and scents, just like all our other Bearpaws baits.
What makes the grub stand alone is that when downsizing your bait the grub can be widely used to fool the large fish unlike smaller baits that attract smaller fish. The thickness of grub is the catalyst of downsizing and big fish.


Fat Bear Grub 3”   $4.85   (10 count bag)
For Rattles add $1.75 EXTRA