Bearpaw Baits stumbles on an idea that REVOLUTIONIZES the very simple TUBE. Yes a Tube, Or maybe not your traditional tube! Read on.

How many times have you wanted to use a tube and didn't? Probably due to the trouble of rigging it! Who has the extra time of  rigging special weighted hooks, weights on clips  and just the hassle of rigging a tube on hooks that you normally are not accustomed to.  What if I say I have developed a tube where it is simply fished like your favorite stick bait?  You can use your desired hook, with no special rigging and no extra hassle. 

Bearpaw Baits in the Mid Hudson Valley of New York has developed a 4"handpoured Tube (HIPPIE HEAD) that is not your average tube. The bait looks exactly like a tube on the outside, but this so called tube is NOT hollow, it is SOLID. By having a solid tube, this allows the bait to fall faster and can be fished in your desired pocket of weeds without guess work. NO MORE SPECIAL  GADGETS OR WEIGHTED HOOKS!!! Plus the action is incredible.  

 With the HIPPIE HEAD you can fish  with just the weight of your hook. WEEDLESS AND WEIGHTLESS.   Wow another concept, you can insert a rattle  and bury it without the rattle popping out. Click like a crawfish. Being a solid bait, the HIPPIE HEAD is DURABLE, where many fish can be caught on the same bait. With this hand poured bait there are many options, unlike the factory hollow tube.   

The Hippie Head is a handpoured bait, therefore it can be custom made to your liking with certain colors and fleck combinations. At this time The Hippie Head comes in solid colors only, with any fleck combinations you desire. If you want a two toned HIPPIE HEAD, just ask and I will see what we can do.

 On a special note: ALL Baits  from Bearpaw Baits are loaded with the MEGASTRIKE formula to get a high concentration of the MegaStrike attractant/scent in each and every bait.The MegaStrike allows the fish to hold on longer to the bait thus, getting deeper and proper hook sets, which equals more fish in the boat.


$6.25/8 baits shipping included