The Hippie Stick is very different from the senko, although they physically look the same. BUT...
There are a ton of Senko Knock offs out there with high concentrates of salt added to these baits to get them to sink.

The Hippie stick is much different in the philosophy of the sinking baits. Although there is salt added to the Hippie Stick, The Hippie Stick is a floating bait where the weight of the hook alone will bring these baits to a very slow fall, thus enticing the fish at different depths with the Dying Baitfish method and sitting in the strike Zone for much longer. Another advantage to the floaters is if you want the bait to fall fast, then just add weight.

As with any and all Bearpaw Baits they are all fortified with MEGASTRIKE, the natural amino acids or protein scent that fish need to survive. Megastrike is one of the fastest growing scent/attractant companies in the fishing industry. And Bearpaws Baits was specially picked by Megastrike to have the baits enhanced, due to the lifelike feel, action and faster hooking power with the softbait.

The Hippie stick comes in 2 sizes of 5 1/4 inch and 4 1/4 inch. Plus the Hippie Stick comes in all 130 plus colors that Bearpaw has to offer. The Hippie Stick's color scheme is different from any other bait on the market. Instead of the traditional Laminate of 2 colors layered on top of one another. The Hippie Stick multi colored baits are stacked to mimic the natural color scheme of baitfish, crawfish and forage. Traditional laminates of 2 layered colors are available upon request

You want quality, something different in a baits action, scent and overall performance. Give the fish the Hippie Stick. A bait just a little different will give you fish in the boat.


3"  $5.00 
(12 count bag)
4”  $5.00  
(10 count bag)
5”   $5.00   
(8 count bag)
   7”    $5.00 
(5 count bag)