Jig trailers have been around for many years. Pork frogs, chunk bait, craw fish and even bacon strips have long been a favorite among jig anglers. The reliability of plastic made imitation pork chunks, pork frogs the popular choice among serious anglers and has become probably the most popular trailer. The trailers enhance the bulk and movement of the jig.
Bearpaws handpoured baits have captured the baked in scent of the crawfish, a secret mixtures of natural scents such as Anise and garlic salt along with the outstanding natural defensive action imitation of the claws mimicking a crawfish, makes these baits a must have in any anglers boat.

Our BearCraw combination of scents and salts keep the fish holding longer for deeper, quicker and proper hooksets.



Bear Cub Trailer
2 ”
$4.25/10 count bag


Bear Claw Trailer

3 3/4” 

$5.00/8 count bag