The Load Toad is a winner in it's own right. This was the lure that won the Bassmasters Tournament at Lake Champlain in 2006.

Notice the slit on the back where the hook hides in there snug. This bait can go where no man or bait has gone before. Weedless is the key to this toad. Also, there is a difference in the feet, instead of the swim bait feet, this is more like  twister feet where the fish can load up on this bait with realistic looks, feel, smell and action. This toad is also used for Carolina rigging  bounced right off the bottom. The key to this Bait is the feet action. Beware when reeling in, the fish will smash this bait out of the water.  Ready for Action, Action and More Action!. It's Here with the Load Toad.

Load Toad             $5.00/8 count bag