As always, available in all our baits and in this must have tube. $7.95/ tube.
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Unlike those spray formulas, Megastrike Fish Attractant comes in a gel form that doesn't wash off. There is no wasted product as in the use of sprays, nor any carpets ruined by over spray. One tube of MegaStrike Fish Attractant will outlast 5 cans of spray scent - less money spent for more fish caught. It stays on the baits so you don't have to reapply it every 2-3 casts (depending on water temp we've had it on lures for days). It doesn't have a bad odor like some of those other scents.

The reason it works is because we made MegaStrike Fish Attractant from a combination of fatty acids and proteins. The fish grab onto and swallow the bait with MegaStrike Fish Attractant.

When a fish inhales a bait, whether its wood or plastic, and it doesn't taste like food they expel it. This has been timed at 1/4 of a second, not enough time for the average angler to set the hook. If a fish inhales a bait and it tastes like something edible, the fish eats it and goes on its way. Fish eat every day, and not everything they eat has a hook waiting in it. They are not intelligent creatures, they are creatures of habit and conditioning.

By using the right formulation of proteins and other concentrated ingredients, MegaStrike Fish Attractant tricks the fish into believing whatever it's eating is real food and they swallow it. They hold on to the baits long enough that even my favorite anglers (the kids) can detect the strikes and catch fish.