Hi Everyone! 

 Bearpaw Baits is always striving to make it's bait better. We are always looking to add more colors, add more types of baits and sizes of baits.

 Neither is the case on this bait. We have improved the quality of the Slick Stick. The Slick Stick has been a Bearpaw favourite since the beginning of the company. Since the emergence of the shakey rig  and drop shot, we have been looking  for a more formidable bait in the 6" and 4". Well we found a more defined worm in both the 6" and 4". The New slick Stick has ridges and also an egg sac where these new Slick Sticks  look more like a worm than a worm does.

The lifelike action of the Slick Stick is unmatched.

Slick Stick 4”                 - $4.85   (12 count bag)

Slick Stick 6”                 - $4.85   (10 count bag)
$2.00 EXTRA for Rattles