The Super Do has revolutionized the Upper Mississippi River and surrounding lakes and waterways. There was a need for this large size Mega DO, bigger fish eat bigger baits, that is a fact and the Bear Paw / Catch-N, Sees the  Mega Do will fit the bill for it's size, profile, and the fact it carries an "overdose" of built-in Mega Strike brand fish attractant. Comes in all of the Colors Bearpaws Baits offer.
This Mega Do can be rigged open-hooked on a single hook, Texas-rigged weedless, used as a trailer, or jig-rigged on a swim jig. Any way you rig this bait and in all water conditions, the Mega Do is going to attract bigger fish, period.

Mega/Super Do
7 1/4" Mega Do Jr. $5.75/7 Pack
9" Mega Do SR. $5.75/6 Pack

3 3/4" Super Do $4.85/10 pack