New from Bearpaws is a 6” headless swimbait! Swimbaits are the results from all the success the big HAWG fishermen have had in California.
Don't think this is only a technique that works in California, anglers across the country have found out swimbaits are equally effective when targeting large bass regardless of the state you live in. These baits are very effective for many other fresh water fish like: Northern Pike, Musky and Pickerel. The Saltwater species that are caught with these same swimbaits are endless.

Like all Bearpaws baits these baits are handpoured with the softest plastic but with a durability factor in mind. Soft plastic in a swimbait is an important must, when a fish strikes the bait will bunch up and give way to the hook to get a proper hook set. Like all Bearpaws Baits they are fortified with Megastrike and available in a myriad of colors enabling you match the hatch very easily.

With each packet purchased either in the 3.5" or the 6 1/4" Swimbait there is a shad shaped head poured by and painted by Bearpaw Baits to match the swimbait body.

Remember to rig these baits straight to make them swim naturally. Use heavy baitcasting rods and reels spooled with 15 to 20lb test line depending on the depth you are fishing.

If you are after the big one regardless in fresh or Saltwater. The right bait would be a Bearpaws Swimbait.


3 1/2"

$4.95/8 bodies
6 1/4"
$46.25/3 bodies