The attractants in these baits definitely do their job.  When I saugeye fish, everyone is using small 3/16 oz blade baits and 1-1/2 twister tails tipped with minnows.  All I use is a 1/4 oz jig head and a 3" bear claw grub and I catch as many or more fish than the people around me. 
Thanks again 
All Bearpaw baits are fortified with Mega Strike fish scent.
Before I talk business, I'd like to relate a short story to you.  Due to a number of reasons, I have not been fishing much in quite a while.  Last weekend a friend encouraged me to enter a local bass tournament with him.  It was held on a small, highly pressured lake on which I have never done well anytime I've fished it.  True to form, fishing was slower than slow and by 10 am we had no keepers.  I had one bag of your 5" Lazy Sticks in my boat, and even though we had been trying Senkos, I put your bait on.  Two casts later we had our first keeper.  By the 2 pm weigh-in, we had a limit and took 2nd place- missed 1st by 6 oz.  I'm sure we could have culled for a better fish but I ran out of your baits!

David Mims
Thank you David, Bearpaw's Custom Hand-poured Lazy Stick is similar to the famous Senko only in size and shape. The Senko is widely used from the beginner to the best of pro Anglers. Unlike the Senko our Lazy Stick is a floating bait.
From Willis "SNAGMAN" Beam

The 4 inch Lazy Stick (Our 2nd favorite bait) colors tested #9,#11,#40, and a special request of a smoke with purple fleck. I used this bait several different ways. Most effective was on a 3/0  hook and a 1/8oz split shot...this bait floats fairly well so to work it I casted over and in front of weed lines in 6 feet of water, letting it slowly settle. then I just twitched it and sorta of tugged it along. Being in a clear water lake I was able to watch the bass come out of the weeds and nail this bait from underneath as it hopped along. Next I wacky rigged it on a drop Shot rig and vertical jigged it in 13 to 15 feet water...I found this was very effective on tough bite days and especially after the lake had been hammered by tournament anglers and weekend anglers. this is a good bait to use when lakes are really pressured. The 6 inch works good when looking for bass that wants a little bigger meal!

Willis "SNAGMAN" Beam and  Fishing Partner Sherry *Bassette* Lee are independent field testers and are on the pro-staff of BearPaw Hand Poured baits, we do our tests mostly on Lake St Clair in Ontario Canada, the following are products and results on each type of plastic bait we have tested to include techniques and colors. So it is important to view the color chart on BearPaws website for reference.
 From Kevin Dahlke

I am very impressed with the 4" Shad. This is really one bait that I can count on that will catch fish in all situations. The life like action that this bait gives off is unbelievable, I am able to use this bait and catch smallmouth just about anywhere that I fish it as opposed to any other bait.  

I have been using the Grizzly Stick quite a bit and this is a winner of a bait. I have had situations where that is the only bait the bass preferred and couldn't get them to bite anything else.
The Grubs and the Trailers are working awesome, for tough fishing conditions. The grub is a great go to bait and works great around docks and wood structure.  I had one of your trailers on a jig and during a tournament caught a 19" smallmouth .
Kevin is an avid tournament angler that fishes in MA, NH, and ME, with numerous top 10 finishes. His real passion is introducing youngsters to the sport of bass fishing and getting them hooked on fishing. Kevin is the owner of a web site that follows him and gives information for fishing the upper New England area.
From Celdon
Dad and I made it out for another great day of fishing with Bear Paws Custom Hand Poured Baits. 
My dad who caught a beautiful Bass using the Creature Bait on our last outing..... Quickly chose the same bait today. He fished it rigged with a single hook, a slip sinker with a red bead on each side of the sinker. 
This "Creature Bait" is a marvel........  It has outstanding action and is just incredible to watch in the water.
My father landed 5 small pike with this bait before it tore apart.... Add the bass caught with this very same bait last trip, and you have one VERY TOUGH bait that the fish love to hang on to! 
I chose what I believe is called the Six Inch Slick Stick.  I rigged this bait with a single hook, and a small bullet slip sinker. 
I caught several sunfish and perch on this bait...... These were very small fish compared to the bait. I smiled big on most of these, as there is humor in the way those fish will hold on to the tail of these Bear Paws Baits.  They do not want to let go and several were boated just by reeling them in and flipping them in to the boat...... Several of these fish were not hooked..... Just holding on for dear life, refusing to let go. All of our fish were released.
A good day on the lake to say the  least!!!!
Celdon is an independent bait reviewer from Vermont and has no connection with Bearpaw baits
by Susan Brownell

I  haven't been able to BASS fish much this year, but yesterday I stole away for about 3 hours to a small local pond. My first bass ( 13 inches) was caught on a Zoom Super Fluke, but after an hour of trying every productive place in the pond with it, that was all that would take it.

I rummaged through my tackle box and found one of Bearpaws Lazy Sticks, it's a pumkin color with gold flakes. I tossed in in a few places and nothing happened until a nice cast next to the cait tails. I brought in a fiesty 17 inch Largemouth bass. I had thrown my super fluke to this spot many times the hour prior to this lure.

The worm held up much better than a senko would have. This fish jumped all over the place, but the worm hung on!

The picture is posted in the Members Photo Album on S&K. I am wearing a FISH TIE!

Susan Brownell is an avid fisher mom in New York. She is listed in many bass fishing boards.