Get your heart pumping. See some of our many bargains and sales on different products such as Bearpaws plastics, baits by kits, Jigs, Spinnerbaits, Buzzbaits, Crankbaits and a slew of other tackle. We want to bring the savings to you!! 

These products can be Brand new and just never used, or can be remanufactured to be as good or better than New.


Some of the wired baits have been reworked. Most, of the spinnerbaits and buzzbaits  have been reskirted, new blades or repained. 


Skirts on spinnerbaits, buzzbaits and Jigs are completely different from any other skirts you can purchase. There is very little supply of  living rubber left since companies have gone out of business. What we do is mix either living rubber, round rubber or breathing rubber with some silicone strands to give you vibrant colors from the silicone and the lifelike action of  rubber.


 These skirts are fixed with a rubber collar and wired onto the lure to reduce slippage.
As I often say  "We know what you want and more". Take a look and see..




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100  Gambler Pumpkinseed 7.5 inch worms. I have treated these baits with Megastrike
       $15.00 and a Bearpaws Hippie Jig with shipping included  (only 2 left)

 100 Gambler junebug 7.5"  worms I have treated these baits with Megastrike
        $15.00 and a Bearpaws Hippie Jig with shipping included ( only 1 left)
 50 brand new unopened MadMan Crawfish kits these sell for 16.00/set.
These kits I will let go for $9.00 /kit and a Bearpaws Hippie jig. Shipping included ( only 3 left) 
#5 Fineness jig Kit
Kit Includes: 6- 1/8oz ROUND HEAD JIGS
Plano Box, Bearpaw pen
Scissors- for cutting line including Braid

Black Skirt/Blue head
Black Bark-Black/Gray
Fudge- Black/Dark Brown

Lite Brown Bark =Lite Brown/gray
Bruise Flash- some Metallic black/blue/black/blue
$13.00 Includes shipping