What is a Handpoured Bait?


Handpoured Baits are just that, baits that are handpoured from heated plastic and poured into a mold one at a time, opposed to injection molds where they are massed produced. When the liquid plastic is heated the ingredients such as coloring, glitters, salts and scents are added.


Why are Hand poured baits used by the pros?
Do we have all day for this answer? Handpoured baits are lifelike in texture and can be custom colored, scented and sized to fit the needs of the pro for certain situations in certain waters. Handpoured baits have long been the  secret edge and many pros don't give up their handpoured baits baker so as not to loose that competitive edge.


Are your Handpoured baits Scented or Salted?
The answer is yes to both. There are many companies jumping on the latest bandwagon, adding tremendous amounts of salt to their baits. We believe that the natural scents of prey as in crawfish, shad and baitfish is much more significant and forces large fish to hang on to the bait longer thus allowing a better chance at a proper,  deeper hookset.
It's a proven fact that fish love the taste of salt, but the improper saturation cause baits to often become soft and breakdown, specially when mixed with water. Our special recipe of Garlic salts and scented oils which are cooked into our batter with several other blended ingredients make Bearpaws Handpoured baits resilient to everyday fishing situations.

Remember there is no need to add messy scents, our scents are baked in for long lasting strength.



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