An introduction to the finest hand poured baits you will ever fish

Hand poured baits have been sought after by top notched pros, and tournament anglers. The Action, colors, size and texture can be custom made to match the makeup of a certain body of water that a pro or tournament angler is about to fish. Factory baits are limited to certain colors, sizes, scents and shapes. Bearpaws baits can be the edge needed to win tournaments. Hand poured baits are seldom recognized due to the secrecy of anglers upon discovering a good quality hand pour.

Bearpaws hand poured baits have superior floatation quality along with a soft texture that gives each bait a lifelike action as in nature. These baits are designed for you to keep the bait in the strike zone as long as you desire the bait to be there. When fishing bottom these baits have the needed buoyancy to have the tail and body wave in the water, fish can see the action of the bait in the water, thus locating the bait easier and quicker. We at Bearpaws believe this action is superior to the bait sinking and or lying flat on button.

Each batter of plastics are slowly heated, to let the ingredients maintain their consistency. Our process allow scents to soak into the plastic rather than burn off into the air. The colors are strategically added at a certain time to keep their intended colors and shades. Each batter is slowly poured into the molds to elevate any air pockets or deformities. After the cooling process, each bait is hand trimmed to rid of any excess plastic and inspected for any deformities, this process ensures a consistent quality of bait.

If I won't fish with it , you won't fish with it.

The style, softness, durability, color and floatation of Bearpaws Hand poured baits are a proven 5 star quality. Whichever your style of fishing Bearpaws hand poured baits are the baits to talk about.
"I'm still amazed at the texture you're getting for the plastic...they are definitely quality hand pours"

All of Bearpaws handpoured baits are true floaters. I wanted to bring this characteristic to these baits for a better chance for you to catch fish. When the weight of the hook is added, these baits have a very very slow drop, this actually lets you decide where the bait should be, when or if the bait reaches the bottom. With the tail end waving like a flag in the air it attracts fish like no other bait. It's difficult for a conventional bait to lay flat on bottom and give off the same signals..


Underwater Pictures of BearPaws Hand-Poured Baits

"I'm still amazed at the texture you're getting for the plastic...they are definably quality handpoured baits"