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An introduction to the finest hand poured baits you will ever fish


Hand poured baits have been sought after by top notched pros, and tournament anglers. The Action, colors, size and texture can be custom made to match the makeup of a certain body of water that a pro or tournament angler is about to fish. Factory baits are limited to certain colors, sizes, scents and shapes. Bearpaws baits can be the edge needed to win tournaments. Hand poured baits are seldom recognized due to the secrecy of anglers upon discovering a good quality hand pour.

If you have a bait that is obsolete we will diligently search our sources to get the right bait to you. Providing the pricing for the mold is feasible. JUST ASK!

Colors and special schemes are no longer provided by your bait company? We are here for you and will match your favorite bait. JUST ASK!


Bearpaws hand poured baits have been a leader with a slow sinking quality. But, with the emergence of wacky Rigging and weightless techniques, the floating bait are not in those equations.

To Keep a step ahead, Bearpaw baits, now is a faster sinking bait than it used to be. Our soft textures give each bait a lifelike action as in nature. These baits are made up with a special refined salt to give them weight and taste.

*NOTE* You decide if you want a floating, medium or a fast sinking bait. That is what we do is CUSTOM Bait making For your enjoyment. Try to get that option from a Big named bait company.


Bearpaws hand poured baits can have superior floatation quality along with a soft texture that gives each bait a lifelike action as in nature. These baits are designed for you to keep the bait in the strike zone as long as you desire the bait to be there. When fishing bottom these baits have the needed buoyancy to have the tail and body wave in the water, fish can see the action of the bait in the water, thus locating the bait easier and quicker. We at Bearpaws believe this action is superior to the bait sinking and or lying flat on bottom.


Each batter of plastics are slowly heated, to let the ingredients maintain their consistency. Our process allow scents to soak into the plastic rather than burn off into the air. The colors are strategically added at a certain time to keep their intended colors and shades. Each batter is slowly poured into the molds to elevate any air pockets or deformities. After the cooling process, each bait is hand trimmed to rid of any excess plastic and inspected for any deformities, this process ensures a consistent quality of bait.

If We won't fish with it , you won't fish with it.

The style, softness, durability, color and floatation of Bearpaws Hand poured baits are a proven 5 star quality. Whichever your style of fishing Bearpaws hand poured baits are the baits to talk about.

"I'm still amazed at the texture you're getting for the plastic...they are definitely quality hand pours"


MEGASTRIKE is the leading and household name for fish Scents/attractants. MegaStrike is an actual Amino Acid or building block of proteins that fish need to survive. When the fish comes in contact with a bait that is fortified or spread topically with MegaStrike, the fish holds on longer where the angler can get the proper and deeper hook sets. Most often with the combination of the right texture of Bearpaws Handpoured baits and the MegaStrike fortified into the plastic, the fish hook themselves. Remember this is a protein the fish NEED in their diet to survive.

Bearpaws handpoured Baits is only one of three companies to have the Megastrike formula enhancing these baits and one of the first to do so. The MegaStrike formula makes this handpoured bait that much better and in turn can make you a better angler. When you catch fish you get more confidence. Confidence is the key to any type of fishing.


BearPaws Handpoured baits are used by weekend anglers, novices and professional anglers on all levels. Our baits can be spotted on the boat decks of Bassmasters, Everstart, FLW and BFL anglers along with other tournament anglers across the nation and world. Bearpaw baits have been used in 48 states, Canada, South Africa, the Netherlands, Scotland, England and Puerto Rico. There has been 23 different species caught with Bearpaw Baits that we know about, from Freshwater and saltwater alike including a personal best 2003 state record pickerel on a 4" Hippie stick #53.

We are proud to say that these baits are made from the heart. Our enjoyment is for you to catch fish. There is no other better feeling than someone else catching fish on something we created. The price is right and we enjoy the service we give you. We fish too, and we treat people the way we would want to be treated. JUST ASK!


One Bait I Can Count On

I am very impressed with the 4" Shad. This is really one bait that I can count on that will catch fish in all situations. The life like action that this bait gives off is unbelievable, I am able to use this bait and catch smallmouth just about anywhere that I fish it as opposed to any other bait. I have been using the Grizzly Stick quite a bit and this is a winner of a bait. I have had situations where that is the only bait the bass preferred and couldn't get them to bite anything else. The Grubs and the Trailers are working awesome, for tough fishing conditions. The grub is a great go to bait and works great around docks and wood structure. I had one of your trailers on a jig and during a tournament caught a 19" smallmouth .

Kevin Dahlke

This "Creature Bait" is a marvel

The 4 inch Lazy Stick (Our 2nd favorite bait) colors tested #9,#11,#40, and a special request of a smoke with purple fleck. I used this bait several different ways. Most effective was on a 3/0 hook and a 1/8oz split shot...this bait floats fairly well so to work it I casted over and in front of weed lines in 6 feet of water, letting it slowly settle. then I just twitched it and sorta of tugged it along. Being in a clear water lake I was able to watch the bass come out of the weeds and nail this bait from underneath as it hopped along. Next I wacky rigged it on a drop Shot rig and vertical jigged it in 13 to 15 feet water...I found this was very effective on tough bite days and especially after the lake had been hammered by tournament anglers and weekend anglers. this is a good bait to use when lakes are really pressured. The 6 inch works good when looking for bass that wants a little bigger meal!

Willis "SNAGMAN" Beam

Amazing Results!

I haven't been able to BASS fish much this year, but yesterday I stole away for about 3 hours to a small local pond. My first bass ( 13 inches) was caught on a Zoom Super Fluke, but after an hour of trying every productive place in the pond with it, that was all that would take it. I rummaged through my tackle box and found one of Bearpaws Lazy Sticks, it's a pumkin color with gold flakes. I tossed in in a few places and nothing happened until a nice cast next to the cait tails. I brought in a fiesty 17 inch Largemouth bass. I had thrown my super fluke to this spot many times the hour prior to this lure. The worm held up much better than a senko would have. This fish jumped all over the place, but the worm hung on! The picture is posted in the Members Photo Album on S&K. I am wearing a FISH TIE!

Susan Brownell

We Make CUSTOM Bait for your enjoyment

MEGASTRIKE ADDITIVE - The Fish practically hook themselves


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