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We treat customers like we would want to be treated. But better. We have worked very hard on making a second to none product. If there is any problems let us know and it will be rectified ASAP. You are our neighbors and we want the best for you. Our life is built around fishing and we have incredible fun at it, we want the same for you. YOU WILL CATCH FISH GUARANTEED.........As A Note There may be a small shade difference in the picture to the actual bait. We try to make it as close as possible. Thank You


Bearpaws baits are about the customer. I don't know of anyone offering the service that we do. If you have a color or colors that need to be matched, here is the place. There are no extra charges for custom colors. There are no minimum limits of baits for custom colors. Oh yes we do request that 1 bag of something be a minimum. We will send back the colored worm that was given to us.


Bearpaws hand poured baits gives a whole different look and scent to the fish. but we have the most interesting array of combinations of colors, laminates and different color combinations with glitters (flecks). These colors are proven basic colors and laminates such as Watermelon Seed and Red shad. Then there are colors that are explosive and will never be seen in any store and only on this site, like Black beauty, Pukey green and Bear Dung. There is not a color in here that has not caught any fish. These baits have been tested in different types of water, weather and seasons

We Make CUSTOM Bait for your enjoyment

MEGASTRIKE ADDITIVE - The Fish practically hook themselves


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