The Bullet jig is a great head for any type of Swimbaits especially on the Alabama rig. That is why there are 5 in each pack, just for that reason. The bullet jig is built for the smaller swimbaits such as 4" and under. They come with incredibly sticky Sohumi hooks with the 1/8 oz has a 1/0 hook and the 1/8 oz has a 2/0 hook. These are great for the single swimbait as well. This jig comes in all colors that we have to offer. If you have a custom color we can do that too

1/8 oz $3.50/ 5 pack

1/4 oz $3.50/ 5 pack

25 count $15.50



The Flash And Bash under spin lure has been a secret favorite for those Bass anglers that just know how to fish and won't tell anyone. The Flash and bash Lure comes with a silver blade or a gold blade Just let us know. This lure tipped with a swim bait is deadly in it's own right.

All the hooks are a black pearl hook that ranges from Eagle Claw, Mustad, and Gamagatzu

I will not put any bronze hooks on any lure. Quality and service is our GOAL!

This lure comes in all jig colors and custom colors as well

Sizes are 1/8oz, 1/4oz, 3/8oz, 1/2oz, 5/8oz.

silver or gold colored blades available. you let us know.

$3.00 each Lure

.75 cents for extra blades


MegaStrike Fish Attractant Is the most world wide and household name for all anglers of any skill level. MegaStrike is an amino acid that are the building blocks of protein.The amino acid in MegaStrike is a scent that the fish need to survive, Therefore, you get better Hook sets. Just a little dab on your baits either plastics or hard baits, MegaStrike will improve your fishing. Also, what I do as many others is put a dab on your hands and rub them together to ward of any scent that is on your hands such as oil, gas and other bad scents a fish can smell. The MegaStrike tube is very economical and goes a long way. MegaStrike is also 100% Guaranteed. If for whatever reason you do not like this product please return to the MegaStrike factory that is on the packet. I know for a fact you won't return this product.

Each tube is 7.95 plus shipping



The Finesse type Hooks are the most widely used in the last couple of years with the emergence of the NED Rig. The Finesse that you need is imperative to this type of fishing. The New PEEN HEAD JIGS by BEARPAW BAITS are different in every way by using special hooks and a wide variety of colors.

The sickle type hooks by Matzuo and the new Lil Nasty hook by Eagle Claw.

Are just that, NASTY. These types of hooks have a better hook set ratio by the curve of the hook that catches anywhere. These hooks are very Sticky. Also, the nice thing about these hooks is there is a wire keeper to keep your bait uptight and snug.

Used with the floating baits by Bearpaw, You decide.

$3.00 / 5 pack sizes 1/16, 3/32, 1/8, 5/32, 3/16, 1/4

$12.50 / 25 count Bulk Price


These Shad heads are powder coated for durability

The various weights fits all kinds of fishing from Fresh to Salt Water.

These heads can be painted to fit the color of your bait, Just ask.

The Hooks are all Black pearled hooks for better penetration and less rust

The hooks are Mustad and Eagle claw. They are very sticky

1 oz and 3/4 Hooks are $1.00 / Per head

1/2 oz , 3/8 oz , 1/4 oz are .75 cents/ per head



The Bearpaws SPIKED FOOTBALL JIG Is the most popular type of jig that is fished all over the world.

We have made these jigs Unique with the Matzuo Sickle type hook that is curved so the hook has a less chance to slip out around the corner of the fishes Jaw. These Matzuo Black nickel finished Sickle hooks are one of the sharpest hooks on the market. The shaft of the Lead head Football style head makes that hook that much stronger.

These Jigs heads come in all types of colors and are painted with Powder paint and heated to make a rock hard Bond paint finish. The SPIKED FOOTBALL JIG is one tough Gamer. Try something different. Try Something tough. BEARPAWS SPIKED FOOTBALL JIGS are made for your Game.

1/4 oz, 3/8oz $3.00/ 5 count

1/2 oz, 3/4oz $3.00 /4 count

1/4 oz, 3/8oz BULK OF 25 $13.50

1/2 oz ,3/4oz BULK OF 25 $16.00


Bearpaws is now making the Wacky Jig, This has been a requested item for a long time.

The Wacky jig is used for a weight on the bottom with a weedless wire. and this weight gets you down in the weeds and you can drag, Hop and wiggle your stick bait. Which I hope is a Bearpaws Hippie Stick. There are other baits as well such as a crawfish and a slender worm That is used for this awesome technique. Getting is the strike zone where the fish may be at the bottom without getting weeds on the jig is an awesome way to bring is some of the bigger fish.

This Wacky Jig made by Bearpaws is different, is that all of the colors that is listed for all of the jigs on the jig color chart can be used for this Wacky jig. Yes that is right we will powder coat your jig for your desired color.

1/4 oz Jig-- 2/0 Hook

3/16 oz Jig-- 2/0 Hook

1/16 oz Jig-- 2/0 Hook

3/32 oz Jig-- 1/0 Hook

1/16 oz Jig-- 1/0 Hook

all packs come with 4 Jigs that are $3.00/ pack

Bulk Pack of 25 is 17.00 Powder coated or plain


We Make CUSTOM Bait for your enjoyment

MEGASTRIKE ADDITIVE - The Fish practically hook themselves