Soft Plastics


This worm is very powerful for it's size. Remember all of Bearpaws Baits have MEGASTRIKE baked into them. This bait Is one of my hottest sellers believe it or not. This bait acts just like a garden worm with a ton of action and used for all types of fish.

Perfect for panfish, trout, Bass and Walleye. This little bait packs a punch. Probably the most versatile Bait in your arsenal.

The hottest little Big bait you will ever use. The 3" Garden worm comes in all of the colors that Bearpaw has to offer. This is a Killer!!!

Check the video -

  • 3" Garden worm $5.00/25 Pk
3 inch garden worm


The 3.5" Slugster is a new bait in Bearpaws Den, that has been tested all over the country the past year.

This bait does a lot more than it's name.

This bait so well in a variety of fishing techniques. Such as Drop shot, Wacky rig, NED Rig, Shakey head Nose hook it.

You can drag it, Hop it, dead stick it, whatever your favorite mode of fishing is.

This is a great bait for your arsenal.

There is a video that my friend Don made of this bait and can catch everything. The 3.5" Slugster comes in all colors on the color chart and if you need a custom color please ask. If you want it to sink , just let me know. I make this bait to float.

  • 5.00/ 12 count bag


Bearpaw Baits stumbles on an idea that REVOLUTIONIZES the very simple TUBE. Yes a Tube, Or maybe not your traditional tube! Read on.

How many times have you wanted to use a tube and didn't? Probably due to the trouble of rigging it! Who has the extra time of rigging special weighted hooks, weights on clips and just the hassle of rigging a tube on hooks that you normally are not accustomed to. What if I say we have developed a tube where it is simply fished like your favorite stick bait? You can use your desired hook, with no special rigging and no extra hassle.

Bearpaw Baits in the Mid Hudson Valley of New York has developed a 4"handpoured Tube (HIPPIE HEAD) that is not your average tube. The bait looks exactly like a tube on the outside, but this so called tube is NOT hollow, it is SOLID. By having a solid tube, this allows the bait to fall faster and can be fished in your desired pocket of weeds without guess work. NO MORE SPECIAL GADGETS OR WEIGHTED HOOKS!!! Plus the action is incredible.

With the HIPPIE HEAD you can fish with just the weight of your hook. WEEDLESS AND WEIGHTLESS. Wow another concept, you can insert a rattle and bury it without the rattle popping out. Click like a crawfish. Being a solid bait, the HIPPIE HEAD is DURABLE, where many fish can be caught on the same bait. With this hand poured bait there are many options, unlike the factory hollow tube.

The Hippie Head is a handpoured bait, therefore it can be custom made to your liking with certain colors and fleck combinations.

On a special note: ALL Baits from Bearpaw Baits are loaded with the MEGASTRIKE formula to get a high concentration of the MegaStrike attractant/scent in each and every bait.The MegaStrike allows the fish to hold on longer to the bait thus, getting deeper and proper hook sets, which equals more fish in the boat

4" Solid Hippie Head tube $6.25/ 8 baits

4 inch Hippie Head Solid Tube
6' Ribbed Shad bait

6" Ribbed Shad bait

The 6" Ribbed Shad bait is one of the most underrated baits ever to be put on a hook. This bait is one of the best baits that imitate dying bait fish and or fish. With a top heavy front tip and a bait fish shaped body makes tail move with sudden jerks on it's own or just sitting in current. The side to side motion of this bait makes the soft ribs seem like a pulse from a dying fish gills as it struggles for its last breath. I find these baits phenomenal when dead sticked, although often used as a jerkbait, on the most part the Ribbed Shad produces fish either way.

Try this Ribbed Shad bait it will fill your livewell up in a hurry during a tournament with all sizes of fish, due to the dying baitfish effect.

6" Ribbed Shad

$5.00/ 8 count

258 Ribbed swimbait / 5.5" Mega Ribbed swimbait

The 258 ribbed swimbait is just 2 5/8" long, but put on a ball Jighead, used as a drop shot bait or just used to swim for suspended fish is the bait that comes alive to snatch the fish right out of the water. This Little Swimbait packs a big punch. for a small company I sell over 1000 of these baits/ year and it is my favorite for smallies in the fall. There is a video that shows Don using these great baits for Crappies and bass. All around bait for any fish.

The 5.5 Mega Ribbed swimbait is the Godfather to the 258 Ribbed Swimbait. This is one soilid durable piece of plastic that can be fished on a jighead, twitched or on a weighted Hook


258 Ribbed Swimbait $5.00/15 count

5.5 Mega Ribbed Swimbait $6.00/ 5 count

258 ribbed swimbait
BackWoods Craw

BackWoods Craw

The Backwoods Craw is a heavy bait that rears it's claws back in attack mode by floatation. The attack mode is what the bass and game fish like to see for a scrumptious meal. On the most part these crawfish can be fished as a trailer for a jig or by itself. This is the closest you will get to a crawfish in the attack position. The colors are any of your choosing, but most popular are a solid body with different colored claws. This is an Old Favorite item in Bearpaws arsenals.

Crawfish $5.00/8

B Bug

The B-Bug is a 4 inch creature bait unmatched by few. The bottom half is much like the brush hog with Mantis wings and thin like antennas. The top half has alien like features that invites the fish to strike. The Bearpaw B-Bug is thin in the middle for the hook to penetrate faster through the soft lifelike plastic to get proper and deeper hook sets. When the fishing gets tough, throw on a creature bait to give you a different look. You will be surprised at the results. Like all of Bearpaws baits, the B-bug is fortified with Megastrike and comes in all of the colors available.

No doubt the B-Bug is the creature feature of freshwater sport fishing.



$5.00/ 10 Baits

B Bug


Bearpaw Baits offers the 6.25” and the 3.5" Fishy Wishy headless swimbait! Swimbaits are the results from all the success the big HAWG fishermen have had in California. Need some shad heads we have them as well.

Don't think this is only a technique that works in California, anglers across the country have found out swimbaits are equally effective when targeting large bass regardless of the state you live in. These baits are very effective for many other fresh water fish like: Northern Pike, Musky and Pickerel. The Saltwater species that are caught with these same swimbaits are endless.

Like all Bearpaws baits these baits are handpoured with the softest plastic but with a durability factor in mind. Soft plastic in a swimbait is an important must, These baits swim like a fish and when a fish strikes, the bait will bunch up and give way to the hook to get a proper hook set. Like all Bearpaws Baits they are fortified with Megastrike.

Remember to rig these baits straight to make them swim naturally.

If you are after the big one regardless in fresh or Saltwater. The right bait would be a Bearpaws Swimbait.


3.5" Fishy Wishy $5.00 /8 bodies

6.25" Swimbait 1.50/body

4" Freedom FRY

The 4" Freedom FRY

Is a very simple bait to use and very popular. This bait is used mostly with a drop shot or Finesse Wacky rigged technique. When Wacky rigged this bait allows you is to downsize to a 4" bait but retain the desired diameter. This makes this bait deadly. The Freedom Fry is very Flexible along with maximum flotation if desired.

Like all the rest of Bearpaws handpoured Baits. The Freedom fry is Fortified with MegaStrike and it comes in all of the colors offered by Bearpaw Baits.

This Freedom Fry can also be Texas Rigged, C rigged, used weightless or whatever you feel comfortable with.


4" Freedom Fry

5.00/12 count

4' Freedom FRY
Beast Family

Beast Family

The "Beast Family" In the western part of the states this type of bait is rocking all of the Major Bass fishing tournaments and winning $$$$.

This bait has made it's way to the eastern part of the states and doing just as well. This is a bait that has size, action, texture and Style. The major differences The Beast comes in all of the colors offered from Bearpaws color chart and It is Loaded with The Megastrike Formula to enhance the scent and attractant of a bait that is successful in presentation alone.

Your hookups will be multiplied even on the harshest days.

This bait can be fished in any number of ways, such as T rigged, Carolina Rigged and better known for a trailer on your favorite Jig The Beast comes in 3 sizes 3 inches, 4 Inches and for the strong Hearted individuals 5 inches The 5 inch Mega Beast is offered only here.

This is beyond any creature bait. Good Luck my friends. Bring a Camera with this one!!!!


The Beast In The East 3" $5.00 (10 count bag)

The Beast In The East 4" - $5.00 (8 count bag)

The Beast In The East 5" - $5.75 (6 count bag)

Bully Frog

The Bully Frog is 4 1/2 inches long, made of soft plastic and weighs 1/2 ounce. This bait is a slow sinking bait just like frogs do. They swim a subtle tug on the line and you have a bait that looks natural. The Bully Frog comes in any color that is on our chart and is an Old favorite to the BearPaw family


Bully Frog 4 1/2” $6.00 (6 count bag)

Bully Frog


Oh Boy! The Fat Bat. I stumbled across this amazing new bait by getting the wrong mold in my package. So I decided to see whats up. Man did I come across the gold mine by accident

I made some black #30 and Black and Blue #25 on the color chart and did I rip into Bass on the Peen Jig off the bottom. But with that tail I discovered that reeling them in was the magic to these baits. This is the hidden Dutchmans mine to fishing. Try them you will love them

$5.00/ 10 Pack

Flail Tail Gobie/ Mud Puppys

The 4 inch flail tail Gobie and the Mud Puppy are one of the hottest baits to hit the Great lakes for the Bronzebacks that we all know and Love. The Smallmouth love these baits, especially drop shot. Although the bait is large enough to flip in the pads, under docks and where ever you love to fish. The first time I used this bait. I've nailed em in a tough biting lake and took the tournament. This is one mean bait, especially with the moving flail tail.

Make no mistake about it! The Largemouths are accustomed to this bait as well. A bass is a bass. Don't be surprised if you get bit and a toothy critter is on the other end as well. The fish gorge themselves on gobies. Try it you'll love it. These baits come in all of Bearpaws Colors. And are loaded with MegaStrike.

There is also a Video from

Bearpaw MudPuppy 5.00/10 count

Flail Tail Gobee 5.00/10 count

Flail Tail Gobie/ Mud Puppys
Grizzly Jerk

Grizzly Jerk

The Grizzly Jerk Series has been a great bait over the years. The big name companies have made this bait and Anglers have had great success with this bait. This Fluke type bait is different. Bearpaws can add more salt to this bait so it can sink faster or used as a floating bait with a jighead off the bottom. when used weightless as a soft Jerk bait. The action with this bait is unbelievable due to the softer plastic and the tail just whips from side to side to drive the fish crazy. Plus there is no company that offers this type of bait in any Custom color you desire. As always Megastrike is infused with all of the baits we make

This Grizzly Jerk is a confidence bait due to it's many ways to fish.

The GRIZZLY JERK Sr. is a big whopping 6.5" and not found anywhere. Bearpaw Baits heard many cries of looking for a Huge Fluke type bait,Well here it is!

4" Grizzly Jerk Jr 10 count@$5.00/pack

5.5" Grizzly Jerk count@$5.00/pack

6.5"Grizzly Jerk Sr. 6 count@$5.00/pack


The Grub is a very powerful bait in the world of bass fishing, or any type of fishing for that matter. The grubs outstanding natural action makes it one of the best baits in the world. Fish are attracted to grubs under all fishing conditions making it a sure bait throughout all seasons. The 3" Bear Cub Grub is exceptional within it's own right. This grub has a soft texture for a lifelike feel and action.

The Newest Grub is the Big Tail Grub. With that, a big lumbering tail with more wiggle for attraction to the fish.

The 5" Shotgun Grub is a different type of grub. It produces all types of fish. The large lumbering tail cuts through the water like a Colorado blade. The tail works great while dropping, raising and of coarse reeling in. There is incredible action to this bait. This grub has a larger profile than most grubs. The body is ribbed to give the texture of a real insect along with a long shank to give the Shotgun grub all the characteristics of a fish catching machine. The key word is different.

The Grim Reaper is the perfect name for this bait. The large Sickle tail turns into ribbons when retrieved in the water, it's action closely resembles a small inexperienced snake slithering off a lily pad into some awaiting bucket mouth. Often used as the perfect trailers for one of the most deadliest lures, the spinner bait. The Grim Reaper is one of the most versatile baits you could have in your fishing arsenal.

Grim Reaper $5.00 / 12 Count

ShotGun Grub $5.00 / 8 Count

Fat Tail Grub $5.00 / 10 Count

Bear Cub Grub $5.00 / 12 count

Hippie Sticks

Hippie Sticks

The Hippie Stick is very different from the senko, although they physically look the same. BUT...

The multi colored Hippie Stick is poured in a stacked color format other than the traditional over/under laminate. this gives a total different look to a widely used Bait.

As with any and all Bearpaw Baits they are all fortified with MEGASTRIKE, the natural amino acids or protein scent that fish need to survive. Megastrike is World renown of the scent/attractant companies in the fishing industry. And Bearpaws Baits was specially picked by Megastrike to have the baits enhanced, due to the lifelike feel, action and faster hooking power with the softbait.

You want quality, something different in a baits action, scent and overall performance. Give the fish the Hippie Stick. A bait just a little different will give you fish in the boat.


3" Hippie Stick $5.00/15 Baits

4" Hippie Sticks $5.00/10 Baits

5" Hippie Sticks $5.00/ 8 Baits

7" Hippie Sticks $1.50/ Bait


Jig trailers have been around for many years. Pork frogs, chunk bait, craw fish and even bacon strips have long been a favorite among jig anglers. The reliability of plastic made imitation pork chunks and Crawfish are a popular choice among serious anglers and has become probably the most popular trailer. The trailers enhance the bulk and movement of the jig.

Bearpaws Handpoured Baits have captured the baked in scent of Megastrike and the natural defensive action with the floataion of the claws mimicking a crawfish, makes these baits a must have in any anglers boat.

2 1/4" Cub Trailer $5.00/12 baits

3" Paw A craw Trailer $5.00/12 Baits

3.5" Ursus Major trailer Chunk $5.00/ 10 Baits

3 3/4" Claw Trailer $5.00/ 8 Baits

Kodiac Whip

Kodiac Whip

The Kodiac Whip is a 11 3/4" handpoured worm from BearPaws, This worm Has been sold around the world in Japan, Germany and most of the United States. This is a fan favotite.

Fish these big boys deep into the lily pad pockets. This bait is also deadly on points humps. When fished through the weeds, the tail clings to grass stems and tells ole bucketmouth, the big one is in his territory. You want big fish, well the big bait will give them to you. And a Bass is a bass so the little ones like it too.


Kodiak Whip 7 ¾” - $5.00(8 count bag)

Load Toad

The Load Toad is a winner in it's own right. This was the lure that won the Bassmasters Tournament at Lake Champlain in 2006.

Notice the slit on the back where the hook hides in there snug. This bait can go where no man or bait has gone before. Weedless is the key to this toad. Also, there is a difference in the feet, instead of the swim bait feet, this is more like twister feet where the fish can load up on this bait with realistic looks, feel, smell and action. The LOAD TOAD is also a great Buzzbait trailer for those real thick Lilly pads. The key to this Bait is the feet action. Beware when reeling in, the fish will smash this bait out of the water. Ready for Action, Action and More Action!. It's Here with the Load Toad.

Load Toad $5.00/8 count bag

Load Toad
Mega/ And Super Dooz

Mega/ And Super Dooz

The Super Dooz has revolutionized the Upper Mississippi River and surrounding lakes and waterways. There was a need for this large size Mega DOOZ, bigger fish eat bigger baits, that is a fact and the Bear Paw / Catch-N, Sees the Mega Dooz will fit the bill for it's size, profile, and the fact it carries an "overdose" of built-in Mega Strike brand fish attractant. Comes in all of the Colors Bearpaws Baits offer.

This Mega Dooz can be rigged open-hooked on a single hook, Texas-rigged weedless, used as a trailer, or jig-rigged on a swim jig. Any way you rig this bait and in all water conditions, the Mega Do is going to attract bigger fish, period. Now the Super Dooz is the most favorite with bass and Crappie anglers. this fished on a small Jighead is a fishes nightmare.

Mega/Super Do

9" Mega Dooz Sr. $6.50/7 Pack

7" Mega Dooz JR. $6.50/6 Pack

3 .5" Super Dooz $5.00/12 pack

The Paw-A Craw 3.3/4

This craw fish is one of the most popular types of plastic baits that is sweeping the country. Just look at this guy. The size is right, the looks are right. But there is another thing that Bearpaws Baits offers on this Crawfish is that this is a solid body Paw-A Craw. Plus all of the other strengths that Bearpaws offers is any color you desire, Mega strike scent added, Texture and action of a defensive mode all the time. I cannot say enough about this Crawfish. I am excited about future tournaments and fishing trips. Enough said. Let's fish!

Paw-A-Craw $5.00 (10 count bag)

The Paw-A Craw 3.3/4
Slick Sticks

Slick Sticks

Bearpaw Baits is always striving to make it's bait better. We are always looking to add more colors, add more types of baits and sizes of baits.

Neither is the case on this bait. We have improved the quality of the Slick Stick. The Slick Stick has been a Bearpaw favorite since the beginning of the company. Since the emergence of the shakey rig and drop shot, we have been looking for a more formidable bait in the 6" and 4". Well we found a more defined worm in both the 6" and 4". The New slick Stick has ridges and also an egg sac where these new Slick Sticks look more like a worm than a worm does. This is also a floating bait

The lifelike action of the Slick Stick is unmatched.


Slick Stick 4” - $5.00 (12 count bag)

Slick Stick 6” - $5.00 (10 count bag)


This may be a small craw but packs a big punch.

The 3.25" Small Craw can be used with a drop shot., on a finesse jig or on the bottom with a Bullet weight

If it Looks like a craw and acts like a craw that equals

A fish on your line.

Small Craw- $5.00/12 pack



The 7.5" SNEAKER WORM is a combination of some of the most famous worms used. The Sneaker Worm has all of the features of the famous Power Worm while the tail has some of the traits of a Mann's Auger Tail. The Sneaker Worm is a floating worm and it is made with super soft Plastic for a feeling of life like forage. This worm is a throw back bait before the stick baits emerged. If you want to go back to basics. This is a bait for everyone.

SNEAKER WORM $5.00 / 10 per pack.


The NEWEST and one of the most successful baits to hit the market is the NED RIG. Well Bearpaw Baits has it's own version made out of Plastic instead of the latex material. With the latex material you cannot put with plastic baits due to melting and balling up.

The New plastic BLOAT FLOAT you can add to your plastic baits because it is plastic. But the best part about the BLOAT FLOAT it floats better and has the MegaStrike additive in all of Bearpaws Baits. Plus you can customize your colors and there are many more color varieties to offer than the factory TRD baits. This bait is tournament tested and tournament won, just as all of the baits Bearpaw has to offer. The BLOAT FLOAT especially stays on better with the Bearpaw PEEN HEAD JIG HEADS, offered under the Jig menu of this website.

The BLOAT FLOAT has opened my fishing arsenal for the upcoming year. I am so excited along with many others that have tested out the BLOAT FLOAT. I have sold many of them in a wide variety of colors even before I posted them on this site. The BLOAT FLOAT ROCKS!!!!!!

12 PER PACK/ $5.00


We Make CUSTOM Bait for your enjoyment

MEGASTRIKE ADDITIVE - The Fish practically hook themselves